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Our Services

Our services redefine concrete construction, offering affordability and excellence!

Garages and Patios

Transform your Idaho home with our expert garage and patio construction services. Elevate your outdoor living experience with durable, weather-resistant solutions.

Patio Extensions

Expand your Idaho oasis with our patio extension services. Enjoy seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces for year-round comfort.

Stamped Colored Concrete

Enhance your Idaho property with our stamped colored concrete expertise. Infuse creativity into driveways and walkways with durable and visually appealing designs..

Concrete Removal

Revitalize your Idaho space by clearing old concrete with our efficient removal services. Create a clean slate for new projects while ensuring eco-friendly disposal.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Craft elegant pathways with our Idaho sidewalk and walkway services. We blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring lasting impressions.


Upgrade your Idaho home’s curb appeal with our driveway solutions. Our expert team combines durability and design for eye-catching entrances.

Concrete Dreams Come True

Strong Concrete transforms spaces with a decade of expertise, offering personalized and affordable solutions. From artisanal patios to eco-friendly concrete removal, our innovative designs make dreams a concrete reality.

Concrete Construction Boise

Strong Concrete exceeded my expectations! Their attention to detail and innovative designs transformed my space into a concrete masterpiece. The quality of their work and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled.

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